Hold the fort, there’s a warm cookie in my room.

The trip to Fort Lauderdale was an odd one – we were on our way to Orlando, Florida, to visit a mouse, and decided to take a flight that saw us board in the morning in San Francisco and disembark at night even though it was only a 4 hour flight.
But there’s a margarita bar at the airport so in already in love.
We’re at the rental car office and ready to hit the town, but after discovering a big rip in the cars back fabric we inform the guy at Hertz who tells us the company only cares about outside damage of the car and not about the interior. Cue my travelling partner who jokes that we’ll just strip the inside of the car out then. Turns out despite the rise and rise of Rebel Wilson, Australian humour is still not really resonating with Americans.
We eventually arrive at our hotel – the GalleryOne DoubleTree by Hilton. My room has a lovely view of the parking lot and a mouldy smell that I’m only distracted from when the big electric buzz of the ancient air conditioner kicks in every 10 minutes.

But there was that delicious warm choc chip cookie I was given on check-in, which makes me think it was given to me somehow to disguise that the room they put me in had recently been host to a chainsmokers anonymous meeting… complete with ash still on the carpet.

I mention that to the concierge over the phone and the reply is curt and serious “It’s a strictly non-smoking room sir” even though I was ringing to complain about the smell. It almost sounds like a threat.
After passing on dinner at Texas De Brazil after a massive wait time and having a flashback of that scene in Bridesmaids, we decided to have dinner at the Asian institution PF Changs – and we begin to load up on enough ‘Asian-inspired’ food to feed a small army. The only thing off-putting is our waiter who is a bit of a Chatty Cathy.

He regularly interrupts our conversation to tell us fascinating stories about his life, his “girlfriend” and his penchant for collecting coins. He then asks us for all the Australian coins we have in our wallet. At what point does a hobby become a ransom? I’m not sure.

Next stop Miami and Orlando – and hopefully the next hotel has cookies too.


  1. Sounds like a Doubletree Hotel! The cookies for check-in are great indeed! I hope you’ll be a little more lucky with your rooms on your next stops 🙂


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