We check out Intercontinental Double Bay

 33 Cross St, Sydney NSW 2028
 (02) 8388 8388
$ Rooms start from $240 a night.
Beautiful rooms, quiet location
 Room service menu not that exciting

I never really find myself hanging around Double Pay, er, sorry Bay, but staying here was an accidental last-minute perk of my day job. We were filming at the hotel and the room had been booked out for the night so I was pretty lucky to be given the chance to stay. It was so accidental that I found myself checking-in for the night without a single spare item of clothing… and left with a greater understanding of just how important hotel bathrobes are.

As the former Ritz Carlton, the location of the high-profile (and very unfortunate) death of INXS frontman Michael Hutchence and the wedding venue of former Australian Primer Minister Bob Hawke to his second wife Blanche. remaking this hotel was not only essential but most welcome by the Sydney set.

The areas of the hotel have been made over in a manner that is both understated and only a tiny bit gaudy at the same time. There’s a great sweeping monochrome tone through the hotel with modern furniture, and then inexplicably, sections of baroque gold-leaf furniture that you’d be excused for thinking was stolen from the Palace of Versailles.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 5.53.06 pm

The room I was in, a corner suite was an emo-pleasing shade of grey. It featured a separate lounge room / living area with lounge, TV and balcony overlooking Double Bay suburbia. Down a hallway was the large very comfortable king bed, a chaise lounge and large TV.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 5.46.10 pm

Adjoining the bedroom a separate desk / wardrobe area and then through to a large bathroom with separate toilet decked out in beautiful Carrara marble, carrying on the muted theme of the hotel. It’s clear this renovation was an expensive one with comfortable full-size lounges, a great bed and soft luxe carpet.

The bathroom featured L’Occitane toiletries of which I was missing a shampoo, but that was quickly replenished with a call to the front desk. The hotel itself features a great restaurant, a bar called The Distillery (pictured) which I was told has the largest collection of gin in the Southern Hemisphere and would then justify its name, and a rooftop pool and bar that features private cabanas with a view that will melt your heart almost as much as it will your credit card.

The only real downside I could find was the room service menu, although the food quality was of a high standard I was left a tiny bit underwhelmed by the choices – so I settled for a burger (meh) and a Strawberry eaton mess that came served in a jam pot – it wasn’t bad at all it was just a bit ho-hum.


Overall though I can’t fault the hotel, most of their service was outsanding although a notable mention goes out to the suited valet dude at the  desk who after calling for my car to be collected from the carpark continued a phone discussion with his friend about a party he had on the weekend where he failed to –his words– pull, that was pretty tacky. The rooms are lovely, the hotel is nice and quiet and it’s exciting to spend time in a Sydney hotel that isn’t in the middle of the frantic CBD.

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