Once you pack black you never go back

You’d be forgiven for thinking the above pic is a police photo of a criminal’s possessions just before they’re admitted to prison. The truth is, it’s the contents of my suitcase from an American winter trip last year. And no, it’s not white and gold or black and blue, your eyes aren’t tricking you the contents of my case are mainly black. Why? Let me explain.

See on a daily basis I exist in a largely black wardrobe anyway – what’s not to love about it? Black hides stains, always usually looks fresh, is slimming, etc. I have enough black shirt, black pants, black shoes combos to bluff my way into hairdresser school.

But when it comes to packing for travel, the bulk of my suitcase would always consist of largely black clothing, even if I had the flamboyant technicolour vomit wardrobes of Liberace. Of course there are times when I ease up on the black in my suitcase (eg. tropical island visits) but for me black clothing is the best travel companion you can ever have, and here’s why:

1) Black clothing hides your sins – After 14 hours in economy or even if you were a bit too liberal with the free champagne in business, wearing black on a flight saves you from unsightly stains both food (chicken or beef?) and human (drool or sweat?) and if managed properly you can exit the plane on the other side of the world looking fresh.

2) Black goes with anything – When you’re not sure where your trip will take you – black will always save you. Clubbing? Black will always make you look more mysterious. Formal dinner? No problems! Whack on the black cardigan and skinny jeans and boots and you’re set. White party? Well, you’re screwed or you’ll be the centre of attention – either way.

3) You’ll always be in fashion – Keeping your travel wardrobe heavy in basic black will mean you won’t look back on those travel photos in a few years time and think Dear lord what was I thinking wearing that Keep Calm And Visit London shirt?

4) So much easier to wash – Black is the easiest by far of all colours to wash when on the road – even the dodgy hotel basin wash  with free shampoo can revive black clothes quickly.

5) You’ll blend into backgrounds– If you’re like me you don’t like being the centre of attention while on holiday then black is the ultimate clothing choice, you can be subtle in the background that you might not get your wallet stolen* or won’t get picked out of a crowd by a street magician.

*I can’t guarantee that really – unless your wallet is black of course. Then go for it.

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