A room with a view of the beautiful blue 

12 Resort Dr, Hamilton Island QLD 4803
☎ (07) 4946 9999
#  Website
$ Rooms start from $390 AUD per night.
PRO ✓ A balcony with a view that’s pretty breathtaking
CON ✖ Simple and clean, but maybe a little too simple?

“Welcome to the Reef View Hotel, Hamilton Island, I really hope you enjoy your stay on our beautiful island but please whatever you do don’t leave the door on your balcony open during the day or night otherwise the Cockatoo’s will raid your room.” That was the parting sentence I was left with as I checked-in to my hotel on Queensland’s breathtaking Hamilton Island.

Fortunately I’d be warned of the cockatoos before I got to the island. A friend who had stayed there before warned me that they were cheeky birds that were more interested in what’s in your minibar than they were, say, taking a photo with you. But I didn’t expect them to be as savvy as I’d come to experience.

I entered my room which was nice, clean and simple – having recently undergone a renovation to bring it into 2015. Maybe you’d say the features of the room are a bit too simple? But it was huge, two double beds, inexplicably for this solo traveller, but still lots of room, enough to say, dance with a few cockatoos, or host a small convention. The beds were comfortable and clean, and there was lots of furniture in the room that all seemed to work together.


Entering my room I was expecting a garden view but the view I got of the beautiful bay was breathtaking. I know I’ve already used that word before in this review, but really, once you’re on Hamilton Island it’s really one of the only words you’ll find yourself needing to use. It’s like a mix between Hawaii, Fiji and a bit of Asia too. Except it’s in Australia and only a 2 hour flight from Sydney. Sweet.


So the view from my balcony was, breathtaking, but as I’d come to learn during my stay, it was also the scene of sugar taking, food taking and chocolate taking. My first experience was with a coffee, I was given it, with two sugars, and sat outside on the balcony to enjoy it. Next minute a cockatoo swoops in, grabs the sugar packets, and flew off, but not before I caught him in the act:


I didn’t want the sugars fortunately, but when the same cockatoo tried to steal the lid of my club sandwich and then, a few hours later, a Ferrero Rocher, this meant war. So I had to spend the rest of my weekend with the doors firmly shut and had to settle for a view of the ocean but unfortunately not the fresh sea air or sound.

But back to the hotel and room. I have to say the service at the check-in counters was exceptional and friendly. Starting with a very friendly and informative information download of where to eat, swim, relax and shop – the staff cover every detail and give you a handy booklet on check-in, even highlighting things like where breakfast is and which bus to catch if you want to go to the rich person’s hotel (Qualia).

The other thing that I found sensational about this hotel was its buffet breakfast – I’m not sure if it was because the hotel was at capacity, but if the food service is the same year-round you’re in for a treat. From a mountain of warm pastries, to a juice station serving juices other than orange, apple and pineapple, and a hot food selection that includes home-made baked beans, grilled chorizo and real (real!) scrambled eggs. It was a big highlight for me – the one that likes to eat when on holiday.


Could I think of some cons about this 4-star rated hotel? No, not really. The facade is a bit tired, but really not that terrible at all and it certainly is easy to find on the island, given it’s one of only a few towering buildings in this beautiful paradise. So clean rooms, great customer service, great breakfast and a jaw-dropping view make it the perfect place for a weekend getaway or a week-long relaxation break, whatever you do it’s really up to you.

Just please … don’t feed the birds 😉

_____ stayed as a guest of Hamilton Island / Audi Hamilton Island Race Week. 

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