This isn’t an ad, I just think it’s awesome.

Is this the best travel jacket ever invented? Probably. I stumbled across this on a midnight trawl through Kickstarter and after being sucked in by the headline ‘The World’s BEST Travel Jacket” naturally I had to have a click to see if it was a load of bull or actually quite cool.

The result it seems is quite cool! This jacket by company Baubax, a Chicago based company, has 15 in-built features in it, including the usual device holders, passport holders, but also in-built gloves, eye masks and – wait for it – an inflatable neck pillow! No way. Yes way.


I for one know the pain of going through airport customs and having to take out all of my devices whether I’m holding them or they’re in pockets, but just fold the jacket up, pop it in a tray and submit it for scanning. Hey presto. It all seems too good to be true, but then I watched their nifty video and it explained all of the features:

It comes in four different styles too from a fleece bomber jacket, a wrinkle-free blazer, a sweat shirt and a windbreaker. Considering they’ve raised a whopping $5.6 million on the project that’s a pretty awesome effort – I’m about to buy one myself.

What’s your must-take item of clothing when travelling? Comment below if you like.

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