This hotel to the stars is comfortably dazzling

Whitehall Pl, London SW1A 2BD, United Kingdom
☎ +44 20 7930 8181
#  Hotel Website
$ Rooms start from $1097 AUD per night.
PRO ✓ Super big rooms, the best hotel bathroom I’ve ever experienced
CON ✖ Everything comes with a price tag

You know when you walk into a room and instantly feel out of place because everything seems just so polished and perfect? Never had that feeling? Well then I suggest you book a room at the Corinthia the next time you find yourself in London.

Of course to book a room here you’d probably have to be a certain type of traveller. One with a load of cash or one that really loves to splash out on getting the best hotel room in town. I’ve stayed in quite a few hotels in London and I have to say this one really is one of the best, if not the best I’ve ever experienced.

Your experience starts with the location, the hotel is located in a bustling section of town just moments from tourist hotspot Trafalgar Square, but the surrounds are so quiet you’d be forgiven for forgetting you’re right in the heart of the super busy London Town.  The hotel has two entries on either of the main roads, the first thing you’ll no doubt see is an epic light fitting in the ‘tea room’ section of the hotel which really is a scene-stealer. It’s also the first indication that this hotel is no Best Western.

A light fitting that's fitting for a hotel like this
A light fitting that’s fitting for a hotel like this

Because I’m here for a work trip I’m ushered to my room where they check you in in your own room, which is a really lovely touch. I’m staying in a Deluxe King room (the hotel offers a variety of different room sizes from rooms to suites and penthouses) and even though it’s not the highest of the room classes you’d never know it. The finishes in the room are plush, a mix of carpeted and wood flooring, a table with occasional chairs, a chaise lounge by large lovely windows and one of the most comfiest beds I’ve ever had the pleasure of sleeping in, and eating in, and reading in, and well, you get the drift.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.41.40 pm Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.41.03 pm

Which brings me to the bathroom. I always dread hotel bathrooms – they’re usually too small or have awkward handles in places to maximise space, but this bathroom takes the cake when it comes to size and layout. There’s separate shower and toilet glass enclosures – the rain shower is epic. There’s a comfy spa with a TV mounted into the wall and double basins. Amenities in the room are made by ESPA (a world leader in Day Spa’s with over 450 locations), they’re naturally-scented, beautiful and you should definitely pop a bottle or two of the shampoo into your suitcase on the way out.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.41.17 pm Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.41.34 pm

With a luxury hotel it’s all about the finishing touches and this hotel doesn’t fail to deliver. From a turndown service each night with a different treat (over my week long stay I got mints, boxed chocolates, lavender room spray and a bag of dry lavender for my pillows), fresh fruit plates, an immaculate cleaning service which seemed impossibly quick and exceptional levels of customer service when asking for annoying touristy requests like could they tell me where the nearest Starbucks was? And did they know how to get tomato sauce stains out of a luxury quilt cover? (I was asking for a friend).

I had breakfast at the hotel which wasn’t included in my room rate but was covered by my boss, it equals about $50 Australian dollars and is delicious (the lemon curd jars and fresh berries were my favourite not-the-usual-hotel breakfast additions) – was it worth it? Personally, I wouldn’t pay that daily, but if for a casual relaxing breakfast with white tablecloth service, then sure. But being London there’s a literally hundreds of breakfast options at your doorstep for those times when you don’t feel like splashing some serious cash on bagels, berries and bacon.

The hotel itself is a haven for stars when in town – when we were staying there we spotted Wil.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas loitering in the lobby a few times, on checkout I was told Tom Cruise was checking in and a quick chat with a fellow hotel stayer revealed that Corinthia London was a favourite of people like Katy Perry, Fleetwood Mac, Kate Moss and Jennifer Lawrence.

Of course to me the real star at this hotel I was excited to see on a daily basis was that bed… trust me it’ll be the best encounter you’ve ever had.

The travella Hotel Checklist

◎ How much is breakfast? About $50 AUD
◎ Is there parking? Not that I could find. But plenty of Uber’s and town cars around
◎ What’s included? The best bed in London, luxury hotel amenities, slippers, daily newspapers
◎ In-room entertainment? There’s a lovely big TV with all major UK free-to-air TV and cable
◎ Internet? Yes! Free hotel Wifi and it’s great quality
◎ Are there slippers in the room? Yes! And they’re lovely
◎ What’s the shower like? Huge and awesome. The rain shower head is brilliant.
◎ Are the beds comfortable? Did you read my review? They are the best I’ve ever slept in.
 What amenities? Lots of them in the bathroom all by ESPA. Nespresso machine. Luxe turndown service.
◎ Good-hanging spaces? Yes, a decent wardrobe size with plenty of hanging space
◎ Can you hear the neighbours? The hallway was a bit creaky so you can occasionally hear footsteps.
◎ What’s in the mini-bar? Lovely snacks and luxury drinks including oh-so expensive champers
◎ Is there room service? Yes, 24 hour room service and butler service
◎ Are there windows openable? Not in my room but you really don’t need it, the room isn’t stuffy.
◎ Balconies? Not in my room, but a lovely view from the window.
◎ Are the towels soft? You’d expect nothing less from a 5 star hotel
◎ Late check out? Super late! The Corinthia policy allows check outs up until 3pm!
◎ What’s the bathroom lighting like? Great, well lit, plus a make up mirror (also lit)
◎ Is there a gym? A super fancy gym is available as part of the ESPA ammenities
◎ Adults only or family friendly? The hotel definitely accommodates family but I didn’t see a single child
◎ Is there a Day spa? Yes, ESPA which is super luxurious, comes with a price tag but I’m told is worth it

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