Plane Food: Breakfast, Etihad Economy


The Airline: Etihad A380
The Journey: SYD > LHR 
The Service: 
The Description: Savoury breakfast frittata with roast potatoes, chicken sausage and spicy tomato sauce served with fruit salad, orange juice, black coffee and a caramel chocolate treat.

The breakfast frittata in all of its slab-cut glory was surprisingly tasty and well-seasoned. The sausage, well I’m not a fan of chicken sausages even when they’re not cooked on the ground, but it was okay. The presentation is nothing special but it fares better than a lot of other economy meals I’ve had in the past.

The weirdest bit is probably the caramel chocolate given you’re not used to eating chocolate at breakfast but after 13 hours of flying it was a necessary sugar hit. I would have loved a bread roll or a piece of toast but maybe that’s what separates economy from business meals.

In Flight Meal rating: 3.5/5


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