Plane Food: Lunch, Etihad Economy


The Airline: Etihad A380
The Journey: AUH > LHR 
The Service:
The Description: Savoury lentil and chickpea sauce served with mash potato served with a dinner roll and fruit salad.


This is definitely a case of taste over looks, because really the looks let down this meal so so much. The flavour was pretty abundant in this dish which you genuinely wouldn’t guess on looks. But the looks really are disappointing and almost off-putting.

The dinner roll was cold but not stale, the fruit salad quality was lacking. I didn’t eat the yoghurt because I was genuinely full after scoffing down the chocolate cake treat which was, unlike the usual bad plane muffin, actually nice.

I also really wish Etihad would reconsider the flimsy plastic trays they serve their meals on in economy – it detracts from their otherwise good quality economy service.

In Flight Meal rating: 3/5

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