Plane Food: Etihad Business

The Airline: Etihad A380
The Journey: LHR > AUH 
The Service: 
Starter, Main and Dessert
The Description:


Starter: Arabic mezze plate with hummus

Their table settings in business class are brilliant and really set the standard for other airlines. Simple, modern and clean. The meal? Freakin’ delicious. Being of european background I love the idea of a whole sampler of things on one plate to graze. The starter on this flight is a variation of the starter available on most Etihad Business and First services featuring tabouleh, stuffed vine leaves, a warm beef-filled pastry, hummus and tart pickled vegetables.

IMG_3125.JPGMain: Arabic-style Chicken Biryani

Another one you’ll see frequently on Etihad menus, this is a simple, but delicious dish that is packed full of flavour. Their take on Biryani is saffron rice, lovely tender pieces of chicken, raisins, toasted cashews and caramelised onion. If you like a tiny bit of spice you’ll be rewarded here and because it’s usually on all Etihad menus it’s the perfect choice when you just can’t make a decision.

IMG_3127.JPGDessert: Orange Bread and Butter Pudding

OMG yes. If I could only have one airline dessert for the rest of my days it would be this one. Even though I know it’s made from stale bread and milk, Etihad’s take on the often stodgy Bread and Butter pudding is to add fresh orange essence and semi-sweet chocolate chips that melt into a velvety custard. It’s also got a small jug of pouring cream on the side to add extra indulgence. I wish I could have had five of them.

In Flight Meal rating: 4.5/5

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