Plane Food: Breakfast, Virgin Australia Business

The Airline: Virgin Australia 767
The Journey: SYD > MEL
The Service: 
The Description: Mushroom omelette with smoked salmon (I’ll explain in a bit) and fresh fruit salad with yoghurt (more explaining).



Virgin Australia’s Luke Mangan led meals on their domestic service are often delicious little treats designed to deliver you some energy on what is otherwise a short flight.

Maybe it was my fault for asking they leave off the Salmon and Rocket mix on the Mushroom Omelette and the Yoghurt off my fruit salad – because they’re both not my favourite things. The result was an omelette that was a tad dry and VERY mushroomy – I’m not a chef but I would have loved a bit more variation on the content, maybe some cheese? The other thing that’s perplexing about this dish is the omelette is quite literally baked onto the dish which even though it looks pretty enough, makes for a rubbery-texture that is a bit off putting.

The fruit salad is super chunky and very fresh, the bread roll is a bread roll and the disc of butter is salty and deliciously creamy – even though it’s way too much butter for a small roll. Still the service is great and the food is good too and you really can’t complain when you’re given that size meal for a 55 minute flight.

In Flight Meal rating: 3/5

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