Check In: Brady Hotel Central Melbourne

A compact but stylish apart-hotel 

30 Little Latrobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
☎ +61 3 9650 9888
#  Hotel Website
$ Rooms start from $95 AUD per night.

What I loved: Sleek, modern room, kitchen and location location!
What I didn’t: The room was a bit cramped, noisy hallways
Perfect for: Business travellers, solo travellers, those looking to cook for themselves

Hotel Features at a glance:
146 Rooms / Free Standard Wifi / 24 Hour Reception / Kitchen Facilities with dishwasher / Work Desk / Large Bathroom / Conference and meeting room / Gym

The review 

As readers to this blog would know I’m in Melbourne, Australia – a lot – like an abnormal amount sometimes. So by virtue of that, I’ve stayed at a lot of hotels in this wonderful second home city. Unless I’m traveling for a specific reason or special occasion I usually always choose a new hotel each time I stay so I can keep seeing new parts of the city.

This trip saw me in Melbourne for 5 days – a longer than normal stretch – and so this time I was on the hunt for a hotel that wouldn’t stretch the budget too much but didn’t have me bunking with bed bugs or compromising on comfort. After an exhaustive search on entering every coupon code I could find, I came up with nothing that great. All the hotels were either super old or really too far away from where I needed to be for most of the trip. But then on stumbled on the Brady Hotel Central Melbourne. The pictures made me look twice, the hotel seemed modern, clean and best of all, smack bang in the CBD. The price seemed like a mistake – somehow I was going to pay less than $100 a night for my stay. I didn’t hesitate and booked in.

Checking in was a smooth experience at the teeny tiny reception desk, after a tiny bit of confusion on my behalf (I had it in my phone as LaTrobe St not Little LaTrobe), I then made my way down the tiny hallway to the lift and to my room. I was staying on the 7th floor which meant I had a nice view from the tiny window in my room. There’s an emphasis on small in this hotel, everything is downsized which makes the room comfortable but occasionally the room feels a bit like the sky is falling. Which isn’t a great experience if you’ve had a drink or two. Not that I know. Cough.

Black and Rose Gold everywhere – bathrooms at Brady Central Melbourne

The rooms are neutral – the classic Melbourne grey features a lot throughout the room mixed in with pale wood and white linen. Tap fittings, handles and hardware are 2016’s favourite colour – rose gold. The bathroom is also compact but easy enough to get around and the shower feels surprisingly big given the scale of everything else. There’s a large desk with chair, a galley-style kitchen with dishwasher and utensils and, well, that’s it!

Shades of white and grey – the bedroom area of the hotel

The bed, which was two single beds put together, is comfortable as individuals but as a queen bed suffers the unfortunate hard middle gap that makes for rough sleeping if you’re a bed hog. The block out curtains do the job for light but not for sound – I get the feeling the room which is worth at least $180 a night was discounted due to construction of a tower outside which starts early and ends late most of the days I’m there. Sound is a reoccurring issue at the hotel, I’m not meaning to sound like a whinger here but the cleaners had super loud conversations every morning, smashed their vacuums into the doors (narrow halls will do that) and I could often hear conversations of guests in adjoining rooms. So soundproofing isn’t the best. But once again, it’s super easy to look past the issues when the price and the location is perfect.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 9.51.23 pm.png
Tiny hallways lead to smallish modern rooms at the Brady

At the price I paid I’d definitely be back at the Brady Central Melbourne – mainly also due to the fact of it’s excellent central CBD location – a minute walk to Melbourne Central Shopping Centre – which was perfect for the business meetings I had planned and snack and food options bountiful. Is it my favourite Melbourne hotel? No. But if you’re looking for a modern, clean space with budget in mind it definitely does the trick.


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